From Rockstars to Ice Cubes: Are Senior Leaders Freezing Out Your Team?

Hey there, Building a dream team, but feeling like some folks are left behind?

John, your star developer, slaving away on a critical project, yet kept out of the loop. He hears whispers, and second-hand updates, and feels like a cog in a machine, not a valued contributor. Frustration builds, motivation wanes, and suddenly, John's LinkedIn profile starts looking active.

Sound familiar? It should.

The clock is ticking, and your top talent is eyeing the door. If you continue sidelining your project soldiers, expect dwindling morale, lackluster results, and a revolving door of talent. The time to act is now.


  • Problem: Your team members, the fuel powering your tech empire, are feeling left out of key projects and discussions. Fear the icy grip of demotivation and stagnation

  • Impact on your business: Imagine John, your star developer, checking out instead of checking in. Lost productivity, knowledge silos, and untapped potential—that's the chilling reality

  • How to fix it: Blast off with inclusion. Open the doors, empower your team, and unleash their hidden rocket fuel


Do not close the communication door

Let's talk about exclusion. Not the fancy invite-only club kind, but the systematic exclusion of team members from key project meetings and discussions. It's a silent killer, slowly eroding employee engagement, growth, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Your Team Might Be Sabotaging You (and You Don't Even Know It)

This leadership misstep impacts everyone in the following ways:

  Demotivated Employees: Excluded team members feel undervalued, leading to decreased productivity and higher turnover.

  Knowledge Silos: Key information gets trapped with the chosen few, hindering collaboration and innovation.

  Wasting Potential: Untapped talent stagnates, limiting your team's capacity and growth potential.


Q: How often do you involve all relevant team members in project discussions?

A). Never, it's a management decision
B). Occasionally, when it suits me
C). Regularly, everyone's voice matters
D). Always, because collaboration is key

👉 Take a moment to ponder your answer, and I'll reveal the correct choice later in this newsletter.


But hey, there's hope. Here's how to thaw the freeze and unleash your team's potential

SOLUTION 1: Open the doors

Ditch the closed-door policy. Involve all relevant team members in project discussions, regardless of their official "project status." Encourage open communication and knowledge sharing. ️

SOLUTION 2: Empower, don't micromanage

Trust your team. Delegate tasks and decision-making authority to those directly involved in the project. This fosters ownership, boosts engagement, and unlocks hidden potential.

SOLUTION 3: Celebrate diverse perspectives

Encourage different voices and viewpoints. You might be surprised by the hidden gems you discover

Example: During a product development meeting, instead of just the product manager and senior designer, include the developer who'll be building the feature. Their insights can save time and prevent costly rework down the line.

The benefit? 

A highly engaged, motivated team bursting with ideas and ownership. They'll go the extra mile, solve problems creatively, and propel your company to new heights.


Tech leadership isn't just about making decisions; it's about empowering your team to thrive.

Embrace inclusivity and watch your agency transform into a powerhouse of innovation.

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